Cutting Edge Technology

One of the biggest advantages of working with The Allure Group is having access to the very latest in health technology. Robotic devices and therapies have shown great promise in their ability to help patients recover and rehabilitate from surgery, injury or other medical events, such as a heart attack or stroke.

Here are just some of the robotic devices we employ to help get you back to maximum function as quickly as possible.

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With TeleHealth technology, you have 24/7 physician-led medical care. Allure utilizes this innovative technology to supplement our already robust physician services. When a resident has an urgent medical need late in the evening or perhaps on a holiday or weekend, our staff contacts a TeleHealth doctor, who will guide the staff, via video, through an examination, using ECGs, virtual stethoscopes and many other tools. Doctors can order additional labs and tests to reach a proper diagnosis, treating many medical conditions without a trip to the emergency room. Our goal is preventing unnecessary transfers with ambulance rides, waiting in emergency rooms, and extra expenses.


The H200 is a wireless hand rehabilitation system that stimulates the appropriate nerves and muscles of the forearm and hand and helps to re-educate weak or paralyzed muscles. The system applies electrical stimulation in a precise sequence which then activates the muscles allowing the fingers and thumb to move efficiently during functional tasks involving reaching, grasping and pinching.

L300 GO

L300 GO by Bioness system is a functional electrical stimulation system that promotes mobility improvements for patients with lower extremity weakness or instability as a result of neurological disorders.


ConstantCare allows medical personnel to capture and record vital signs at the point of care, which then goes directly into a patient’s Electronic Health Record. ConstantCare helps eliminate documentation errors and provides accurate information, which allows your healthcare team to help spot inconsistencies in vital signs and take preventive action. This helps prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions and improves your overall quality of care.

AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®

The innovative AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a game-changer in physical therapy rehabilitation. Individuals with lower-body injuries, chronic pain or neurological conditions that inhibit mobility – whether they are top-level athletes, orthopedic or neurologic patients, children, seniors or those looking to lose weight – can benefit from the reduced gravitational forces that the Anti-Gravity Treadmill provides. The Anti-Gravity Treadmill helps a broad spectrum of people achieve their optimum personal health, wellness or performance goals.

Keeping You Connected to Your Loved Ones

Staying connected to family and friends is an essential part of recovery and well-being. At Allure, all guests have their own tablet preloaded with hours of entertainment, as well as the ability to video chat with those you care most about.