Bedside Ventilator Dialysis

Comfort, Convenience, and Improved Outcomes

Bedford Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation is home to a wide range of unique and clinically complex services. Perhaps the most unique is our Bedside Ventilator Dialysis Program. 

In partnership with The Rogosin Institute, Bedford Center is able to provide onsite Dialysis for Ventilator dependent patients, right at their bedside. This eliminates burdensome trips to and from an off-site Dialysis centers and the time-consuming process of locating a center that can even accommodate those needing dialysis while also being Ventilator dependent.

Upon admission Bedford Center, we will aggressively work with you on the weaning process, all while being Dialyzed right in the comfort of your own room. Every Ventilator Dialysis room is staffed with a dedicated Dialysis RN who will be with you at the bedside throughout each Dialysis session to ensure your safety and comfort. 

At Bedford Center, we understand that this may be a difficult time for you and your loved ones. We are here to help you navigate the admission and care plan decision-making process throughout your stay with us.